Fernanda Kock is a Brazilian fine art photographer based in New York who works in autobiographical projects often using herself as the subject. Her photographic process is a blend between structured projects and photographs she takes spontaneously, experiencing life. The combination of method and research with instinct and accidents feeds one another continuously. She allows a freedom of movement between techniques and her work doesn’t aim to be constrained to a certain type of aesthetic. She began her formal education in photography in 2005, when she attended several photography-based workshops. After her undergraduate work and the publication of her book about outdoor sports, she completed a certificate in photography at Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, in 2008. In 2013, she was invited for the group show on Brazilian Contemporary Photography, at the Museum of Arts of Santa Catarina (MASC, in Florianópolis, Brazil) where she exhibited the series Chrysalis, a representation of a symbolic rebirth. Her latest exhibitions were at Soho20 Gallery, in New York, Pingyao International Photography Festival, in China, and Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia. Since 2012, when she relocated to New York, she has studied and worked as a Teaching Assistant at the International Center of Photography and in 2017 completed the MFA Photography program at Parsons.